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Barney, Bobby Knight, and the In-Between Jul 06, 2023

How do you create suspense? I'll tell you later. LOL.

This is Mental Fitness Fridays and I'm Hans.

Frames around a pic tell us it's important. Significant. Mental frames do the same. They create...

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Be Bolder Apr 20, 2023

An athlete told me he felt like a pebble when talking to girls. I told him he needed to be bolder.

This is Mental Fitness Fridays. I'm Hans Skulstad. 

You probably have heard the phrase "lead...

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Dealing with Criticism: Why It's Important to Confront Your Fears Oct 19, 2022

Avoiding criticism seems like a good goal. But guess what? It’s not possible. It requires perfection. If you try to avoid criticism at all costs, you will create a void in your life. You...

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