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We offer mental performance services to help athletes, coaches, and teams improve their mental game.

Our coaching services help coaches master new mental skills to supplement their skill set. Our heart rate variability training teaches athletes how to manage their psychophysiology for improved performance.

Our parenting athlete services offer support and guidance to parents of athletes. Our team services include workshops, presentations, assessments, and skill-building exercises.

We also provide individual services to athletes looking to improve their mental fitness. Our athletes learn how to set goals, build effective smart habits, change self talk, and play through challenging emotions. Our services have benefited athletes of all abilities and ages, including those who have gone on to Power 5 Schools and Division I colleges and universities, as well as professional and Olympic teams.

Coaching Services

Coaches often want to challenge athletes to master their mental game.  Doing so requires mastery of your mental fitness as a coach.   We help coaches use their experience along with new skills and concepts to practice and teach mental fitness.  As a result of your time with us you will learn ways to reach even your most challenging athletes.  In the end, you will have developed your own team mental fitness plan.  As a coach you will learn how to improve your  own mental fitness, push their team to a new level, and find ways to transform their own performance.

Depending on your needs we can help you with our coaching services, online learning programs or any of our other mental fitness products.

Heart Rate Variability Training

Creating mental strength involves more than just learning to think positively or manage your emotions.  The best athletes know how to get their thoughts, feelings, and body working together.  Our body often is the most powerful part of our mental fitness.  Our brain and our heart work together to unify our thoughts, feelings, and body and create coherence. This is a trained and measurable skill. We use biofeedback tools that measure your heart rate variability and ability to keep consistent. 

The science behind this training is clear.  You will develop a plan to learn how to train your body and mind to maintain a coherent state. HRV training improves reaction times, better focus, greater cardiac health, better control over emotions, clear thinking, reduced muscle tension and reduced anxiety. The number of sessions needed varies by the individual, your needs, and goals.  You can learn how to use the technology in one session or choose an online or self study course to help you learn how to manage your psychophysiology. 

Parenting Athlete Services 

Time and time again, we find ourselves telling parents – there is nothing your parents could have taught you about how to parent a competitive athlete in today’s world except teach basic skills and values.  Parenting an elite performer creates challenges that are sometimes difficult to get through.  You will learn from our experiences and knowledge to help you identify the basic values and skills you want to teach your athlete. It's important to define these because you will likely have to test those values and in the process use those basic skills. We help athletes and their parents manage and identify the challenges and catch 22’s that go with growing up while developing your athletic career.

Team Services

Getting your team to the next level requires a mindset for performance, mental fitness , and the ability to play and thrive under pressure.  We can help you get there.  In order to impact your performance we need to work together to help you build a system that supports and develop mental fitness.  Our services with teams include workshops and presentations, imagery and visualization programs, goal settin, team building activities, and skill building exercises.  Coaches often look forward to consultations with the coaching staff to help them design their own system for building mental fitness and create a culture that leads to greater success.   

We have worked with teams in all stages of development.  Ones that are looking to rebuild and renovate to programs, ones the cusp of an elusive championship or ones defending a championship. Teams we have worked with have won championships while improving the culture of their program.  Your program, coaches, athletes, and parents will be better in all areas of life.

Meet Our Team

Our mission for the Center for Sports and The Mind is…to advance and strengthen athletic mental performance.

To accomplish our mission we follow these guiding principles:
1. Learning. Sports teach valuable lessons and we are dedicated to helping you learn.
2. Character. Athletic competition develops character and we will help you build yours.
3. Professionalism. We are professional, and love what we do, and you will see it in all we do.
4. Fun – Sports are the best when we have fun. You will have fun when you learn with us.

Hans C Skulstad, MA LMFT

Enjoys working with athletes and their families in all sports and at all levels in order to help them achieve their athletic and life goals.

Jennie Gorres, MS LMFT

Jennie has a powerful interest in sports and competition, dating back to the day when she was a leader of her high school sports team.

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