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Getting Right to the Point 

I'm going to be straight and direct like I am with all my athletes. 

So I went to grad school to become a therapist and mental health provider. I was a coach and athlete too.  I became the expert I wish I had starting out in sports. To this day, I'm working to create the resources I never had so that no young athlete has to be pushed out and feel helpless to change. I am not just doing this for me - I'm doing for it my nieces, nephews, and my son and his friends. We cannot accept that we can't do better in sports. Letting the mental toughness myths dominate is unacceptable.   That would be cheating ourselves and our athletes. 

"Don't settle.  Be a pioneer with me." - Hans Skulstad


"You're in your head! Get out of it and play your game!" That's all they or we say.  No follow-up.  No "How"  Just Do It.  Easy for them to say but way harder to do with no detailed coaching or understanding of what exactly is happening.  Getting out of your head is a skill. Executing a 5-star mindset is a skill that has to be learned.

You know it. I am not going to try to hook you to make you feel desperate.  Not going to promise that I have the secret that no one else has found.  That's BS.  There is no shortcut, secret sauce, or magical insight.  

You have to start with a foundation. You don't build a house without one.   

Foundations of Mental Fitness was built to provide just that.  This 6-week program is for athletes who want to perform at a higher level, and coaches dedicated to training athletes to raise the floor of their performance and break the glass of their ceiling.  Our players have the physical skills to compete.  They value their mental fitness because they know they need to learn to play through the fears, adversity, and stress that are the brutal realities of practices and games. 

You will grab the tools you need to manage your mind when obstacles, including your own thoughts, get in the way.  We make sure our athletes know that they can take what they learn and make it their own.  We don't need you to tell us we are awesome by doing exactly what we say.  We want you to play around and find what works for you.

We Are In This Together

Let’s develop a system for you that will help you reach past your current performance and leave you satisfied but striving for more. 

Embrace the shake that goes with change

Have it Your Way - Build A Solid System 

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You ready to work?  

Foundations of Mental Fitness gives you the facts you need.  You will have to work hard.  You get it.  You know shortcuts and cheat codes are like a hammer from the dollar store.  It'll work until one day you take a swing and the top flies off and puts a hole in the wall. Instead, build a solid system so you don't run around like a chicken with your head cut off and think - I'll never get it. Your physical training won't get hammered and crushed.  Your system - backed by expert experience and evidence-based foundations - will keep you in the game and out of your head.  Staying out from the start is so much easier than climbing back out.  

This 6-week program of live, interactive sessions, we provide you with full-length, step-by-step systems and processes. You can go back through at your own pace and come back whenever.

It’s always there when you need it. Soon you will be teaching your systems to the other game changers in your world because they will want to know how you do it.

Expert Knowledge that ACCELERATES your Process


Built for the long-term, Foundations of Mental Fitness gets right to the point and takes a direct approach. Develop your own systems of mental fitness. Doing it without some expert help is like installing a gas fireplace in your without expert knowledge and skills.  You risk blowing things up and your game going up in flames.  You will learn skills that will increase your awareness so that you feel more confident and in control when adversity. 

Many athletes just hope they'll figure it out and make half-assed attempts at building a system. Don’t try to do it alone. Learn from people who can integrate coaching experience and their experience as licensed mental health providers.  We have 20 years of experience with athletes, coaches, and families from the youth, pros, and Olympians in almost every sport.

Inside the Foundations of Mental Fitness

Here's What You'll Learn


  • How to align your thinking brain, survival brain, and your body to perform in your JPZ. 

  • How to play through challenging emotional states and create strong and effective skills that build consistent confidence even when it doesn’t seem possible. 

  • Discover the habits needed to adapt and problem-solve, even in pressure-packed situations.

  • How to identify negative self-talk and develop more effective self-talk.

  • Raise self-awareness and develop new skills for managing the relationship between thoughts, feelings, body, and performance.

  • Develop a mental fitness plan that includes learning to put habits in place that will support long-term changes. 
  • How to use inner balance/heart rate variability training. 
  • Everything you need to know about "cognitive fusion," aka the slide, and what mindset skills you need to change how your relationship with your inner athlete. 

Foundations of Mental Fitness

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Change the Conversation to Mental Fitness and Shine a Light.


We offer this program at an introductory price because we want your feedback.

Seeing athletes thrive is a passion that gets us out of bed each day, but we can't do this alone.

Human connection is one of the most powerful pillars of mental performance.  We all know that. 

To support the next generations of athletes and revolutionize the way athletes are trained, we need each person to bring their views and experiences to the table, athletes and coaches alike. Let us learn from your feedback to make this the most impactful and comprehensive program possible.

We need to be equipped to share the pillars to challenge the mental toughness myths that block a solid connection with ourselves and others. 

The power of conversations and the exchange of information by people who are in the arenas with athletes is the most effective way to learn, grow and make an impact. Together we can help athletes face adversities & build a more positive future for sports.



With over 20 years of experience, Hans Skulstad, MA LMFT, combines his passion for sports and mental health to help teams win championships.

Co-founder of "Foundations Counseling" and "The Center for Sports and the Mind," Hans helps athletes overcome mental blocks to perform their best and find satisfaction in their careers.

Well-versed in many sports, he's concentrated his practice on working with athletes of all levels. High school, college, NHL, Olympic athletes, and coaches, he's provided thousands of clients the roadmap to success and healthy mindsets. He understands the challenges players, parents, and coaches face in their journeys.

Foundations of Mental Fitness will be one of the first keys that unlocks more potential in your performance no matter where you play.

“I built this program because I love sports. I played football and baseball as a youth but got little guidance on improving and managing my emotions. No one ever told me that if I worked smarter and harder, I could have more success. Instead, I was pushed out of sports by coaches who told me I was not talented enough and would never be

Playing racquetball with my dad in college and learning how to really play hockey as an adult, I discovered the power of my mind to influence my performance in a positive way. There were few resources available and all from people who weren’t familiar with the challenges that go with performing in sports.

So I went to grad school to become a therapist. I became the expert I needed when I was starting out in sports. To this day, I'm working to create the resources I never had so that no young athlete has to be pushed out and feel helpless to change. I am not just doing this for me - I'm doing for it my nieces, nephews, and my son and his friends. We cannot accept that we can't do better in sports. Letting the mental toughness myths dominate is unacceptable.   That would be cheating ourselves and our athletes.  Don't settle.  Be a pioneer with me.”- Hans Skulstad

What People Are Saying

Clients and colleagues alike have witnessed the transformative power of Skulstad's Mental Fitness Training.

An Investment That Goes Above And Beyond


While developing Foundations of Mental Fitness, it was important for us to look at it from both sides of the coin and build a valuable program that serves both athletes and coaches. We realized in the process that parents could benefit from the same approach.

Athletes, the knowledge you will gain through Foundations of Mental Fitness will help you overcome the failures of the mental toughness myths that put glass ceilings on careers and leave former players with the not good enough scar that goes with the myths. Those scars can subtly impact many areas of life.

This program was built for you because we know you’re tired of spending time and money on things that only lead only work sometimes.  We know you don't want to take on another DIY project and set of strategies that leave you more frustrated than when you started.

It’s time to build systems you can trust and rely on to take you further.

Coaches, this program is meant to be a power asset to elevate your effectiveness, build stronger bonds with your teams and ensure that you're training the minds of athletes to be as healthy and fit as you train their bodies to be. Tap into the power of mental fitness and watch how it transforms the confidence and performance of your teams.

Equip them with the mindset systems and skills that help them excel.


"We all benefit when we learn more about ourselves. It helps us to play better." - Hans Skulstad