"Don't Cheat the Athlete"


Online Training to Develop an Effective Framework for Working with Athletes.


This course is approved for 6 CE Hours by the Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Minnesota Board of Psychology!


Getting Right to the Point 

I went to grad school to become a therapist and mental health provider. I was a coach and athlete too.  I became the expert I wish I had starting out in sports. To this day, I'm working to create the resources I never had so that no young athlete has to be pushed out and feel helpless to change.

I am not just doing this for me - I'm doing for it my nieces, nephews, and my son and his friends. We cannot accept that we can't do better in sports.

Letting the mental toughness myths dominate is unacceptable.   

That would be cheating ourselves and our athletes. 

Don't Cheat the Athlete was a live conference held in September 2023. An event for licensed mental health practitioners, graduate students and coaches, this event was an opportunity to learn interventions that work best with athletes, their families, coaches, and systems to be able to provide the proper therapeutic experience for the specialized population that athletes make up.

To continue on this mission to better serve athletes, the recording of this 6-hour training program is now available!



"Don't Cheat the Athlete" Training Program


Approved for 6 CE Hour!

  • 6-hour Training Video
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Resourse Lists
  • Assessment Quiz
  • Certificate of Completion

Meet Your Instructor 

With over 20 years of experience, Hans Skulstad, MA LMFT, combines his passion for sports and mental health to help athletes raise their game, play at the next level and many times win championships that all athletes play for.

Co-founder of the acclaimed "Foundations Counseling" and "The Center for Sports and the Mind," Hans helps athletes overcome mental blocks to perform their best and find satisfaction in their careers.

Well-versed in many sports, he's provided thousands of clients the roadmap to success and healthy mindsets.