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Who's Got Your Back?

acceptance character gratitude Jun 16, 2023

I dropped a quarter yesterday. My friend gave it back and said: “Here's your quarterback.” I said I hope it's Patrick Mahomes.

This is Mental Fitness Fridays, and I'm Hans.

Who's got your back? 

Sometimes people do, and you don’t even know. Here's a story that shows it. 

I've been presenting at Minnesota Hockey's High Performance 15 Camps for over 10 years. 

When I was arranging my schedule this year with the camp director, Cheryl Mechelke, she said I couldn’t come Saturday. My Aunt's celebration of life was that day and Amber, our camp head coach, is speaking at it. 

She continued: “I've arranged your schedule around it, and let the boys director know too. Let me know if what we have works for you.” 

The emotion of her passing hit me and then another wave hit. 

Wow. My community had my back. 

So how did this all happen? My aunt Sue was a huge Bemidji State hockey fan and heavily involved in both programs. Amber Fryklund, the head coach of the MN hockey girls camp played and coached at BSU. Now, she's a professor there. She knew my aunt well. She and Cheryl did two great things. Amber missed the first day of camp to speak at her celebration of life. She did a great job. The second thing: they took care of me before I even knew I needed it. 

Wow. That’s the power of community and relationships. That's what mentally fit communities do — they take care of each other. It speaks to what a small world we live in and how one person can have an impact on many.

My aunt did that. The story and the celebration embody what she and my Uncle Steve value.  Assuming positive intent. Believing the best about others. Kindness. Loyalty. Engagement.  Community. 

These are the basic values I've talked about that we need to share and live. I'm planning to do the same by changing conversations and talking and learning about mental fitness. Be a quarterback who leads the teams around to do the same. Share our emails, and our social posts.

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