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The 5 Skills

Jan 18, 2024

Have you ever wanted to just relieve yourself? 

Relieve the tension between mental health and mental toughness. 

Last week - we talked about a lens change.   Simple, but not easy. 

I've created a book of daily drills, because change feels risky.  These drills guide you.  52 -  A focus for each week. 

We fear dropping the harsh hard driving approach.  It gives us permission to not work.  These drills will make you work.  They are focused on core mental fitness skills that prevent sliding into the careless. 

There's a mental fitness questions and discussion, a body awareness exercise, and self talk to support what you learned.  

The cores skills are covered. 

Self Awareness.


Challenging and  Competing Against Yourself.

Self Forgiveness.

Learning from Failure.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Master those, you won't need the mean. After all, the mean creates average. 

These create smarter work, not unending punishment.  

Which skills do you need to improve?

What's your process for each? 

These daily drills can help you ask the right questions. 

A 3-step process is often enough.  Start with self awareness because improving that skill improves others. 

Courage is acting despite fear. Don't believe the myths.     

Keep watching each week to learn more about how to relieve yourself of the tension between mental health and mental toughness. 

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