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The Love the Inner Athlete Podcast | Sink Mental Toughness Myths

defeat myths inner athlete mental fitness mental toughness sleep scores Jan 25, 2023

I’ve got news. I’m going to be like a fisherman and cast it to you. Hopefully it will reel you in.


I’ve got a name for my podcast. I think you will get hooked. The net result — you will learn how to sink the mental toughness myths. Bring mental fitness to the surface.


Watch for the Love the Inner Athlete Podcast. I’m excited because I think you are going to love the guests. 


I am a bit overwhelmed as I have realized all the things that are required to challenge the mental toughness myths. All while seeing 20+ athletes every week.


It pushed me for growth. I’ve realized the mental toughness myths created PITS for me.


I’ve known but never really completely acknowledge that I have attention issues. My wife says the dog knows — he follows me knowing I will drop food and not know.


I decided it was time to dig into it. I took a test of variable attention. It emphatically showed I had ADD.


I believed I could manage it and planned to just continue. I was talking with someone I respect about the results. She suggested meds because It was game changing for her.


I thought no way. I stigmatized myself.


Next day I took my daily medication for acid reflux. I never stigmatized myself for that. I accepted it would improve my life and decrease risks for cancer.


I guess I wasn’t born in a log cabin I built myself (LOL). Me and no one would label me as weak.


I  landed on — try it. See what it does. It may improve the quality of your life.


It did. Game changer. I use a whoop and a couple biofeedback devices daily. My sleep scores and biofeedback scores have dramatically increased. Changed the game for me. Another myth defeated.


I am still GOD’s kid. Still loved by the same people. I won’t be convicted of anything. Better me. And it already helped me to better tackle the myths. Eventually I’ll tackle like the ’85 Bears instead of the ’22 Vikings.


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