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Paul Martin: The Mind Is a Muscle

askingforhelp courage hockey mental fitness mental health minnesotahockey Aug 10, 2023
Paul Martin founded the Shine a Light Foundation

What do you call an average potato. A commontater. LOL.

This is Mental Fitness Friday. I'm Hans.

When it comes to mental fitness, many times we are satisfied with being a common tater. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we need to relax and not be all uptight about progress and achievement.

This will be short. This week, Minnesota Hockey published an article about mental fitness that featured me and Paul Martin. He has a great message and I know because he spoke at my son's Bantam A State Tournament Banquet.

Here's a link to the article: Talking Mental Health with Paul Martin and Hans Skulstad

It's good to see guys with such a big platform talk about the importance of mental health and mental fitness. He walks the walk. He started the Shine a Light Foundation which focuses on changing the stigma around mental health. Here's a link to the Shine A Light Foundation:

My favorite line from Paul in the article: The mind is a muscle you have to exercise. Couldn't agree more, Paul.

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