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Mental Fitness Fridays: Let's talk concentration

Feb 09, 2024

Thank's for joining us for Mental Fitness Fridays.


It's not just for orange juice. 

Lets talk concentration grids.  

I use these all the time when training athletes.  So much so that I created a book you can get on Amazon to use with our drills and journals.

Athletes love em.  Why?

Most common answers. 

It's fun to compete with just you.  You let go of everything and just focus. It's simple but challenging.  I play better cause it helps me let go of my fears.

 Measurable progress happens every time.

Science confirms the answers. 

When pain brain dominates, thinking gets shut out. Mental toughness myths and traps pounce.  Activating the whole brain stops em.

You scan, eyes moving back and forth.  The optic nerves light up your brain like a runway.

Pain brain is gone.  Effective and consistent athletes shift quickly when the job or purpose changes. Each grid completed exercises that skill. 

Composure is required.  

Anger and panic do nothing. Find the next number. That's what's important now.  Just like a game.

But there's more.

Grids drain your nervous system and increase mental capital.   Improvement happens with reps but the better you get the smaller the progress.  Like climbing the ladder from youth to pros. Details matter more.

Change the conversation to mental fitness. Cut the tension we think we see between mental health and mental toughness. 


Mental Fitness Fridays

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