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athlete development growth mentalstrength mindset motivation willpower May 04, 2023

Coming up with a joke was bugging me this week. I decided on a mosquito joke — but those bite. They are bloody good jokes. This thing will create a buzz.  

This is Mental Fitness Fridays. I'm Hans Skulstad. 

You know what else bites? No foundations of mental fitness. Don't worry, I got you. I am excited to tell you we are hosting a free two-part coaching session on the foundations of mental fitness.  

Watch your inbox and our social channels for more. The dates are May 11th and 18th at 6:30 p.m. Central Time.

My follow through on the alphabet experiment has been a slap in the face. I missed two days off the bat. I picked it up Monday, then forgot Tuesday. The last three days were successful. My times have improved. At first, you make quick gains. I cut off around 20 seconds. It's still tough to feel comfortable.  

I realized Sunday morning that I missed it. I told myself not to miss two days in a row, so I planned for it, but not at a set time. I forgot.  

I used to beat myself up. 

"You don't care.” 

“You're lazy.”

“Why did you even start?"  

I repel the pest approach. It rarely worked. In Atomic Habits, I learned not to miss two days in a row. Pair a new habit with an existing one Monday — right after my meditation. By Tuesday, I was pressed for time and out of my routine. I forgot. The return routine led to success.  

I also thought there's no benefit, and no reward. The big dramatic outcome. We think it is the key for motivation — sometimes, but not always. 

Will I get into the alphabet hall of fame if I reach my goal? Will I get likes? Probably not.  

Creating mental fitness requires being consistently confident. It means doing the boring but beneficial, like this exercise.    

Come back next week to see what else I've learned. 

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