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From Mickey to Major: How a Mouse Revealed Big Gaps Needing Fixing

challenges life lessons mental fitness mindset motivation personal growth positivity self-improvement Oct 06, 2023

What does Mickey Mouse say when someone says they have news to share? Tell me I'm all ears. This is Mental Fitness Fridays. I'm Hans. Be all ears today. Things happen in life that are big but at the time you don't know it.

The Discovery of a Mouse Problem Led to Finding Major Insulation Gaps

Recently this happened. We found a dead mouse on our front step. My wife was concerned. "Did you ever schedule that inspection with the pest control guys?" "No, we haven't caught one in the house at all since they put poison outside a year ago." "You mean 6 months ago? Later I saw a mouse go in a hole by the garage. I refreshed the traps. Caught it. Problem solved?"

I was optimistic but scheduled an inspection. In a moment you can't make up, I got trapped. Inspectors walked in. A mouse followed them in. The inspection hammered us - 3 nests in the attic, 7 gaps outside. I came squeaky clean with my wife about the other mouse. Not a big deal huh? Mickey Mouse was a blessing. Why? Because we love him.

Found out only a quarter of the insulation needed was in our attic. Not cool. Damn it. No wonder there's ice dams and it's hard to keep our house cool. I wanted the mouse problem to be a Minnie one. It wasn't.

Challenges Over the Past Year Revealed Areas Needing Improvement

The last year has been challenging. A lot of significant things. The challenges revealed gaps we needed to fill. Keep watching cause I am about to share how. I promise they won't be cheesy. I've decided to stop playing a cat and mouse game with myself. I'll be dropping new things in the coming weeks. Things that will change conversations.

Take the Mental Fitness Challenge

Here's my challenge to you. Change the conversation to mental fitness. With you first then the small world in front of you. If you are not sure how, reach out. I can help in ways that may surprise. Share our emails and share us on our social channels.

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