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Escaping the Maze

Dec 14, 2023

Why did the old man fall down the well? He didn’t see that well.

That's deep. Makes a splash. LOL

Brains are amazing in the same way. Always working to keep blood flowing, provide safety. Ensure survival. Create significance and belonging. They can pump you up, prime you for laughter and love. Attention focused on your breath and your heart creates mental fitness and a transformation. An amazing one.

But sometimes, it creates a maze of overthinking, overblown obstacles, and false fears. You guessed it, the brain problem. When we fail to see things well, we fall into a hole the mental toughness myths and traps create.

A maze keeps us stuck in our heads, no place to turn, scared it's never-ending. Everyone judging us through a Cold War lens that concludes you're not good enough. Why? The impossible standards of the mental toughness myths and traps. Sentencing us to drilling into a draining string of harsh and mean self-criticism where there's no hope.  But, experience and science tell us that the fear-based approach can only dig us out so far. Here's the great thing, believing the amazing brain is capable of so much more is not a pipe dream.

In the movie Happy Gilmore - Happy's approach to creating toughness is taking pitches of his body and his head in a batting cage. (That movie deserved an Oscar, by the way.) Happy changes. Love for his grandma and Virginia - who becomes Claire Dumphey, motivates him. The brain that created an amazingly complex maze pours out a simple answer. Love, acceptance, connection, and belief. Vital parts of mental fitness and a purposeful life.

I've found the ceiling of a mental fitness approach of love acceptance, connection, and belief leaves us wondering what more is possible.

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