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Empowering Athletes with EASE: Encouragement, Acceptance, Support and Enjoyment

consistent self-care encouragement inner athlete mental fitness positive mindset Feb 02, 2023
Empowering Athletes with EASE: Encouragement, Acceptance, Support and Enjoyment

Take It Easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Take It Easy. There is wisdom in this legendary song.  

Loving your Inner Athlete isn’t always easy but it can be simple. I recently read an article by a person named Spewe Jefferson. His approach was E.A.S.E. 

Simply: Encourage, Accept, Support and Enjoy.  

Here’s my take for athletes. 

Encourage yourself to push yourself while pursuing excellence. Channel the townie from “The Waterboy” — You CAN DO IT!!!!

Accept: Where you are and who you are. It’s OK to be where you are, but it’s not OK to stay there. It does not mean you stop pushing. It’s OK to be satisfied if you are still striving,

Support: Ask for it when you need it. Identify what you need as you take on challenges. Even positive events can be stressful. We can support ourselves by sticking to consistent self care routines.  

Enjoy: Everything in life has positives. Sometimes you have to look for even the smallest joys. Sometimes it’s hard to see. But they are there.

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