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Early Success

Jan 25, 2024

Early success.  Leads to more success.  Right?  The 2017  Atlanta Falcons led the Super Bowl 28-3.  Remember how that worked out?

Early success may make  you believe  you are a natural.   You've arrived - like a flight.  The king of the hill.  Mountain climbed. 

Next level comes along. 

No longer the best. 

You're Johnny Manziel.  A bust.  Not good enough.   Mental toughness myths are back.


Don't get caught in the traps.

Work smarter.

Refine skills... the next level requires it no matter your age.   The next mountain is different but similar.

You may need to learn a new wrinkle in an old lesson. You are not back at square one. Work on you.  Scout yourself.  Write a report - strengths, challenges, physical, mental.

Ask questions - let go of the natural label - your ego won't prevent struggle - don't choose the safety of  the bust.  It'll break you. 

Silly labels. 


To sink uncertainty.  A titanic effort that hits an iceberg.  Dive into self awareness. 

Here's this week's questions - What do you need  to change to climb the next mountain?  And the next?  What do you need to drop,  pick up or clean up? 

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