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Character Makes the Game Better

Apr 06, 2023

Why is basketball such a safe sport? Because there are guards that center you and power you forward.

This is Mental Fitness Fridays. I'm Hans Skulstad

Thanks to my grandpa, my alter ego shows when I use pun skills.

Caitlin Clark set the record for points by a player in either tournament and was the story of the weekend. 

She was locked in. She was all business — not very expressive or charismatic. Post game, she was the opposite — expressive, charismatic, articulate — but the same person. 

Competition requires us to do things we normally wouldn't.

It's tough to navigate. 

The adjustment. An alter ego. The great part is you create it. Our athletes prepare by putting it in charge. They adopt the mindset of a Gretzky, Jordan, Kobe or even Caitlin Clark. It's simply listing their positive qualities and channeling them. Use an inner athlete. Visualize, facial expression, body language, thoughts, feelings, attitude and the words they use.  

Purpose is a tool to let go and suspend judgment. It goes back to the just play mentality. Try it.

Since the ship, a controversy has blown up about an LSU player pointing at her ring finger and looking at Caitlin Clark.

Caitlin Clark didn't see it as taunting. Her reaction? Don't judge her. It’s part of the emotions of the game. She understands and doesn't personalize it. 

I'm at my 15th Frozen Four. Players will use their inner athlete. I've trained a few of them. It's fun to watch them realize goals.      

In ‘07 I joined the Hobey Baker Committee. I love it because I know I belong. We believe character makes the game better, which is why it’s part of the selection process.

Mentally fitness requires character. Excellence and character can co -exist. Our winners do both. We see and train it.

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