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Be Bolder

assertiveness criticism mental fitness motivation selfimprovement Apr 20, 2023
Be Bolder

An athlete told me he felt like a pebble when talking to girls. I told him he needed to be bolder.

This is Mental Fitness Fridays. I'm Hans Skulstad. 

You probably have heard the phrase "lead by example." It's one way to lead. But if it’s the only way, you may avoid saying and doing the uncomfortable.

You hope people will catch on and read between the lines. 

It can set a tone and show a way. But it leaves a gap of the how.

But you can be bolder. Former NFL lineman Ryan Harris shared his experiences as a player on KFAN one day. I listened to the full interview later because of one thing. Here’s the link. 

There’s a twist on leading by example. His take is: lead with an example. Here's a summary. A young lineman was struggling with his performance. They needed more to win the Super Bowl.

Harris took the player aside and suggested that he keep a notebook to write down what he learned and where he needed to improve in both practices in games. Harris had done the same.   The player improved. He kept his spot, protected Peyton Manning and won the Super Bowl with the Broncos. 

Paul Allen hosted the show. It was a lead with an example. 

Some highlights: Harris went to Notre Dame but is Muslim. On his recruiting visit, they took him to the local mosque. That sealed the deal. That's mental fitness by him and Notre Dame.  Flexibility and respect.  

He talked about not letting the Chiefs determine his value when they cut him. The next year he won a Super Bowl in Denver.

Paul Allen talks about his Christian faith often. They each talked about the importance of faith in their life. They respected each other's beliefs. Paul Allen invited Ryan on his faith and goal podcast. 

They clearly have a strong friendship, which is why they can have an adult conversation about faith and not feel threatened, while recognizing shared values. They lead with an example.

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