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Adam Johnson: Rest in Peace

Nov 10, 2023

Last week Former UMD Bulldog Adam Johnson died while playing in England.

I have had a relationship with the Bulldog program for many years. I was deeply saddened. I know from the people I have met in that program he was an outstanding man who loved life and who made the most of his opportunities.

I saw the coaches at UMD last weekend, it was visibly clear it deeply impacted them. Yep, 3-time national champions shed tears. It's a tragic loss. A life ended way too soon.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who loved and cared for him. Recently I referenced the Hamilton song that said death does not discriminate from the sinners and the saints. Heaven got a saint.

Loss is tough and inevitable. Queen Elizabeth said - Grief is the price of love. So true.

Nothing prepares you. It's gut-wrenching. But the skills you use to cope with the ups and downs of life are the skills you are going to use when loss happens. When someone who you love dies or when you experience an ambiguous loss like a relationship, job, a life transition, or even a championship game.

When we accept our emotions, flaws and the fact that we need help to get through life, it helps us. When we are able to, it allows us to live through difficult emotions, develop present-moment focus, embrace challenges and growth.

Life is precious, and to be enjoyed, make sure you hug the people you love. And tell them that you love them, I've never had a client struggle because they got too many hugs or told they were loved too many times.

Rest In Peace Adam.

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