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The Teacher Challenge

athlete coaching health mentalfitness teaching Apr 13, 2022

Lately, my followers have been asking how I learned all of this, and how I remember everything. 

The first and easiest answer is that I went to grad school to learn it, met the experience guidelines and passed the tests to be licensed. The process was clear, and I followed it. 

Then, it got more difficult. I had some freedom to decide the “what” of what I wanted to do. 

The way I learned that “what” was to teach it. Oftentimes, the things I focused on were dictated by who or what showed up in my office. I read books, went to training and experienced life — the most effective way to learn. 

Teach what you have learned to others. Sometimes the concepts I present to all of you come from something I have taught to an athlete in session. Most times, I adjust what I learned to the athlete and circumstances in front of me. I find a new way to look at things, so the athlete can understand and use it. Sometimes, in the process, I learn a lot about myself.

Here’s my challenge to you: Go back to one of my videos and pick a concept and try to teach it to someone.   

That someone could be a teammate, friend, parent or a coach. Try starting with this video — the difference between mental fitness and toughness. See if you can put it into your own words. Maybe even do some research. 

Here’s what you will find if you accept the challenge. You will need courage. You are vulnerable when you teach or coach. New ideas will pop up as you present, and you might find yourself thinking out loud. As you teach, you will have to adapt your presentation to the person you are talking to. All of these things will lead to a better understanding. 

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