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Speak Up to Lift Up

mental fitness mental skills podcast Dec 28, 2022

Speak Up to Lift Up. That’s my theme for 2023.   


2023 is only a few days away. I teased this earlier this fall. 

So, how did I decide on this? It was a process that has come together over the last few months.  


Almost every day I see the impact the mental toughness myths have. They are pervasive but subtle.


My athletes show up wound up by them, like a Titiliest PRO V1. 


It makes me teed off. It does not seem like a fairway to go. It makes things rough. The myths of land out of bounds. 


So I decided I need to take a swing at something new and not just settle for par. 


I decided I need to wedge my way into another roll. 


Here it is: I am going to start speaking up about the importance of mental fitness. In the next year, I will create opportunities for you to speak up to lift up with mental fitness. We will launch the 1,000 mental skills in your pocket project. A podcast is on its way, along with trainings and bootcamps. There will be a daily journal and mental fitness drills for athletes. 


And I am going to raise my voice and speak up by giving teams, organizations, and businesses the opportunity to learn from me my stories and experiences in helping others challenge the mental toughness myths. 


We all need to learn how to speak up and lift up. It may seem simple, but it’s not easy. It starts with taking risks in our own community.


This scares me because I fear being judged. The events of last year have made me realize I need to do more — because I can.


Join me if you can. No one does it alone. I know I will need some help.


Let’s change the conversation. Talk and learn about mental fitness. Share our emails. Share us on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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