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athlete confidence hockey mental fitness sports Nov 09, 2022

Last New Year’s, I told you I was going to focus on two words for the year: finish and impact. As the end of the year comes, I have been reflecting. And not just with the mirror.  

I am proud to say I think I have lived up to those words. I am not quite finished. I am actually 50 percent Norwegian — not Finnish.  

Today, I am asking for your help to finish the year strong and make more of an impact.  

If you are paying attention to anything, it’s clear we need more mental fitness. Two weeks ago, we saw poor mental fitness again. Several Michigan State players attacked a helmetless player in the tunnel after the game and assaulted him. It’s hard to know if it feels like this is happening more, or if we just hear about it more. Either way, it’s sad and it sucks. Why? I grew up with a code — once the game’s over, so is the competition. When I watch opposing players kneel to pray, I often wish everyone did, regardless of what they believe. We are all human at the end of the day.

My goal is to share mental fitness one person at a time. Here’s how you can help me make an impact. I am offering a six-week pilot program for hockey players called Mental Fitness Mastery.  Really anybody can learn from it, including coaches and parents.  

Here’s how we help each other. You get to learn from my 25 years of experience and knowledge. I get to learn from you as we move through the course, and you give me feedback to make it better.

I really don’t want to charge for it, but I have found that if there is no financial investment in things, we rarely follow up or follow through. After throwing it around in my head, I decide that this round will be $197 for sessions.  But it’s a steal of a deal, because courses like this usually cost about $700 to $800. Here’s a link to it:

Please consider joining me. Improving your mental fitness as a player will help you to be the consistently confident player you want to be. As an added bonus, you’ll be consistently confident off the ice, too.  

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