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family holiday mentalfitness Dec 21, 2022

It’s likely that you’re getting ready to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. 


Christmas Eve day is a favorite day of the year. The picture here is from our family Christmas Eve day skate — a tradition since 2004. It will happen on Saturday this year.


My two nephews and I started it. It’s now a family event. Even the benders and grandparents skate.


This day is fun. You can see how all of us have changed and grown — to reflect and reconnect.   It’s a tradition.


We are fortunate to be able to do this. Sometimes, the holidays are hard for people.


As I reflect on the year, there have been ups. My son’s hockey team won the MN State Bantam consolation title. I am grateful for the time spent with those kids and their families. It was a blast. I loved watching him and his team play. I turned 50 and I’m in good health — so is my wife and our son. Our business is growing, and so are we. More to come on this next week.


There have been downs, like watching our world struggle to work together, or leaders in sports and public life modeling just plain shitty behavior. Last week we talked about Aunt Sue. My dad’s Alzheimers is progressing. It’s hard to watch. I’ve realized the value of the small moments when he reminds me of the dad who left his microphone on and belted out “Go Tell it On the Mountain” in front of the entire church on Christmas Eve. 


Remember your presence is important to someone. Remember you are one of God’s children.


Happy Holidays to all of you from the staff at the Center for Sports and the Mind. 


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