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compassion mentalhealth selfcare Jan 04, 2023

Nobody asked, because nobody cared.


Monday night when Damar Hamlin literally had a heart attack on the field, nobody asked about his politics, his religion, or how many social media followers he had. Nobody asked about his stats. 


Why didn’t they ask? Because none of it matters.


Nobody asked if he deserved love, compassion or care. Nobody said he didn’t deserve it. He just got it. I gave it freely. I, like many others, donated to his toy drive without knowing any details.  


Nobody asked because everybody wanted him to be okay. As of this recording, he is showing signs of improving. Nobody asked, because we value life. 


Too often, we put too many conditions on our own value. We don’t think we deserve good things because we didn’t meet those conditions. 


It’s a classic internal battle for athletes — and all humans, really. 


Don’t wait for something life threatening to happen. When the time comes that you feel stuck, and are struggling, give yourself that some compassion the sports world is giving Damar Hamlin and his family. Prayers, thoughts, positive vibes, compassion, love. Connect with yourself and connect with others. It’s been amazing to watch the outpouring. 


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