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Find the Gems in Your Life

graditude mentalwellness positivevibes Jan 12, 2023

Part of mental fitness is figuring out how to find the gems in your life. Do I literally mean diamonds and gemstones? Nope.  


I mean people who shine brightly. The concept for this week came up rather randomly. I have been going to the same gym for close to 20 years. As you might imagine, I like to get to know the people that work there.  


There have been many gems over the years. This week I was joking around with the front desk staff. Even though I know it’s their job to be nice, the smiles are genuine and so are the ‘how are you’s.’ And it’s OK to admit things may suck today — even when I say it when they are vacuuming. They were standing in a row. The first initials of their names spelled the word Jem.  It’s not a spelling that meets the letter of the law, but it sounds good..  


They are gems in my day. Over the years, they have been there. The gym is a place I consistently visit about five or six days a week. The people there are a bright spot in my life. I enjoy catching up with them and finding out how they are doing, and who they are. 


Many of them have become friends, even outside of the gym. The list is long. The ones that come to mind are Brian, Jason, Jamie, Erica, Mayula, Zach, Anna, Imara, Ricky and Esa. And there are so many more.


Who are the gems in your day? Do you tell them? How often?


Sometimes gems just show up — but you have to look for them. If you look close enough, you can find the shine in most people. Draw it out when you see it. Name it. Express your appreciation for it. That is how gems find each other. 


Be a gem for others. Look past the rough and find the diamond. 


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